The Lab

Labyrinth Lounge
298 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 2M7
(416) 925-7775

"The Lab" is a casual low-key lounge. It's perfect for drinks after class, and a great week-end spot to party. The Labyrinth Lounge features a patio opening onto Brunswick Avenue.

Drink Specials

$3.25 Steamwhistle Mugs Sundays

$3 Rail Drinks Mon / Thur / Fri / Sat

$3.50 Rail Drinks Tuesdays

$3 Jameson Tuesdays

$3.50 Wisers Wednesdays

$3.50 PBR Mugs Wednesdays
Pabst Blue Ribbon

$3 Domestic Bottles Thursdays

$3 Jameson Fridays

$3 Absolut Vodka Saturdays
Absolut Vodka and flavoured vodka